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The 10 Best Songs to Accompany Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and it’s time for everyone’s least favorite task: spring cleaning. There are very few who enjoy this tedious chore, but it is necessary for most. One way to make things more enjoyable, or at least bearable, is to assemble a collection of music to clean to.

The important thing is that it should have a fast beat, from beginning to end. It should also be inspirational, to help create a positive mood to push you through the more menial tasks. Music that makes you want to get out of your chair and move is the best accompaniment to this annual responsibility. Here are the ten best songs for this purpose:

  1. Really Don’t Care, Demi Lovato

On the surface, this is just another break up song. But, if you look deeper, you’ll see that it’s really a celebration of individuality and personal power. It is about being yourself, no matter what anyone else might think, but it is also about letting go of the past and putting it away. This could be great inspiration for a job like cleaning out your old junk drawers and getting rid of all the clutter that tends to collect over the years.

  1. Single Ladies, Beyoncé

Although it has been overplayed at times, it’s difficult to stay in your seat while listening to this iconic song. It’s got sass and attitude that, some days, can be just what it takes to get you moving when you really don’t want to. The attitude of the lyrics point out the dangers of letting something great get away. This may be the perfect accompaniment to a task like cleaning out closets and getting rid of old clothes, perhaps as an excuse to shop for something new.

  1. Firework, Katy Perry

This song is all about self-empowerment and celebrating the things that make everyone unique. This is exactly the kind of attitude that might be needed when tackling a chore like dusting all those places that are out of sight and easy to forget. If you’re dusting those top shelves, appliances, fan blades, or anything else you rarely see, this could be the song for the job.

  1. Just Fine, Mary J. Blije

Some days, it’s enough to just appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and this song definitely has a beat that makes you want to move. It’s not always about the big events, some things we do simply because they need to be done. Keeping a positive attitude while deep cleaning floors and carpets would be much simpler to accomplish with this upbeat song playing in the background.

  1. Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

This is a fun song about wanting things, even when we know they’re bad for us. It’s a reminder that, sometimes, it’s the bad decisions that make life interesting. What better time to listen to a song with such a catchy tune that you can’t help singing along, than when performing a noisy chore? So, throw on the headphones and sing this song at the top of your lungs while power washing your house’s exterior.

  1. Heartbeat Song, Kelly Clarkson

Sometimes, the most difficult thing to do is to pick yourself up and just move forward with your life. That is the spirit of this song. Whatever you’ve been through, life goes on and keeping a positive attitude is essential to the process. The same concept can be applied when you are, say, touching up the paint on your walls. Or, better yet, find a new color to brighten up a room or two.

  1. Umbrella, Rihanna

This song is a celebration of people supporting each other through thick and thin. It’s a reassurance that, come what may, their partner can count on them to stick it out. This might be the perfect soundtrack for a chore like putting away all of those things that always seem to be left out after being used. This song is a good reminder that, even though it feels like you’ve done this task a thousand times, it’s really not a big deal.

  1. Stronger, Kelly Clarkson

This song is really an anthem about surviving life’s land mines and coming out the other side tougher and better than you were before. It is because of the obstacles we face, not in spite of them, that we become who we are. What better inspiration than this could there be for dealing with a task like washing down windows, walls, cupboards, or drawers?

  1. Roar, Katy Perry

One of the most inspirational songs in recent years, this one makes you want to get out there and tackle the anything and shine for the world to see. When you’re up against the ropes, it’s important to keep pushing your way through until you fight your way out. Who wouldn’t want to tackle a long, boring chore (like cleaning all the curtains, upholstery, cushions or bedspreads in their house) when this anthem for personal empowerment is blasting out the speakers?

  1. Born This Way, Lady Gaga

There are a few reasons why this song deserves to top this list. It is a powerful message of self-acceptance. Everyone has things about their lives that, perhaps, they wouldn’t have chosen to take on. It’s important to embrace those things about yourself and celebrate your uniqueness, rather than be embarrassed by it. This song would be the perfect accompaniment for a household makeover, to take on a boring room and make it a reflection of your personal style.

If these songs aren’t your cup of tea, you can certainly put together your own list. The most important feature the songs should have is the ability to inspire and encourage you to get to work!


Jessica Kane is a writer for SoundStage Direct, the number one choice on the web for vinyl records, turntables, and more!