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10 Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whether it’s friends or family, moving into a new home can be an exciting time. Learning the tricks of a new place and filling an empty space with personalized belongings is an adventure in itself and a great chance to give loved ones a special gift. Here are the top 10 unique housewarming gifts you can prepare to show your friends and family that you care.

#1 Aerodrip Coffee Maker

A cup of coffee is a solid way to start your day. French press and typically coffee drip machines are common and nothing really special. You can spice up your friend’s mornings with an Aerodrip coffee maker. This handle little device doesn’t require power and makes for a unique coffee experience with stronger flavors and smoother taste.

#2 Herb Infuser Jars

Herbal infusers are glass jars or bottles designed so that you can submerged various herbs into oils or other liquids. These handy little jars not only look great but allow you to make all kinds of unique flavored oils and vinegar for your kitchen. Simple to use, you just put your desired herb into the central strainer and submerge the entire thing into olive oil or vinegar. After a few days, you’ll have a tasty treat you can share with all your friends.

#3 Decorative Terrarium

House decoration has stepped up a few notches from simple pictures and paintings. Decorative terrariums can be filled with sand, live plants, and even little creatures to bring a bit of nature into your home. These little glass bowls can be shaped into nearly anything and will make your house really come to life. A decorative terrarium is sure to be a unique gift not to be forgotten.

#4 Scented Decorative Candles

Candles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Decorative candles are great gifts as they can be left alone as a great visual piece or lit on special occasions. Scented versions are even better as they fill the room with pleasant scents and add to the atmosphere. Candles also work in almost any room of the house, making them the perfect housewarming gift.

#5 DIY Welcome Mat

A great way to really personalize your home is with customized welcome mats. These mats are DIY friendly, so you can really make something special. Welcome mat kits usually come with a base mat, various paints, and stencils so you can make whatever you can imagine. Nothing says “welcome” to a new home like a customized mat at your front door.

#6 Voice Activated Smart Systems

New technologies are merging homes with smart devices. Voice-activated smart systems allow you to turn on or off lights, control your thermostat, change music stations, and much more by just saying a few keywords. Many systems are designed with security in mind with cameras and locks to help protect homes. These smart systems can even make older homes feel like you’re in the future and are the perfect types of gifts regardless of age.

#7 Robotic Vacuum

At the top of the list of smart-home devices is the automatic vacuum. There are several versions that exist that can both mop and sweep your entire house. These little vacuums can be programmed to run whenever you’re not home, so you always return to a clean house. Automated vacuums make great gifts as they are very low maintenance and who doesn’t like a clean home?

#8 Customized Silverware

A beautiful home can only be accompanied by elegant dining sets. This design “Louvres” is one of the most popular styles from Europe. It is made from 18/10 stainless steel and is a perfect balance between form and function. Sets are offered ranging from 5 to 60 pieces and additional place settings are available.

The Silver Superstore also offers engraving services which can add even more personalization to your gift. You can etch on a message of love, names, or simply something to remember the occasion.

#9 Clever Key Hiders

One of the worst feelings is being locked out of your house. Moving to a new home leaves people with many new keys they may forget or misplace. Clever key hiders can be designed to look like rocks, sticks, or other mundane objects that can be secretly placed outside your house in case ever lose your key. Magnetic versions can be discretely hidden under railings and siding making them easy to access, but hard for strangers to find. Not only are these key hiders functional, but they make great gifts as they come in dozens of fun designs.

#10 His & Her Bedding Sets

Housewarming gift giving can be tricky if you’re giving a gift to couples as they may have different tastes. Customized bedding sets are a great compromise as many are designed to accommodate both male and female tastes. These bedding sets are designed with fun and unique patterns that are not only creative, but give couples a nice piece they can both appreciate.

Whether you’re buying a gift for family or friends, giving them something unique and different is a great way to show them that you care. Traditional foods and wines are fine, but surprising someone with customized decorations, unique silverware, or smart home devices are all things they can continue to use for years to come.