Do you accept credit cards?

YES. You can also pay with cash or a check at the time of your service.

Who is sent to my house to do the work?

Frequently Asked Questions Dutch Touch HandymanA contractor will arrive at your home carrying his own tools. We carefully screen each of our contractors before referring them to you. They all possess a high level of skill and experience. Our contractors arrive on time and are ready to work.

home renovation, house remodeling bathroom makeovers 760-603-0567How do I arrange an estimate?

The best way is by calling the office. We have highly trained individuals answering the phones during normal business hours. You can contact us via this website by filling in the information needed to help you. Our Manager will gather the information for your estimate and then our office will email or fax the written estimate to you.

What are your hours of operation?

Estimate appointments can be arranged Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. We schedule our repair/remodeling projects to begin at 8:00 am and conclude by 5:00 pm.

Dutch Touch Contracting Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need materials for the repairs or improvements?

You have several options. First, you can buy all the materials that you need and provide them to us (this is the preferred method). Second, we can obtain the materials for you, pick them up or have them delivered and charge you for the items with a very reasonable markup to cover our labor and time for doing so.

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Who Is responsible for breakage or damage to my property?

Each contractor is responsible for all breakage or damage to your property. Generally it is a very good idea for you to take a few minutes the first time a service is provided by a team and detail your expectations.

Does someone need to be home when the contractor arrives?

You can make a variety of different arrangements to enter your home if you will not be there. We recommend that once you have established a regular contractor that you decide together the best arrangement for your specific situation. Many customers prefer to give us a key. Others leave us a key in a safe place each visit. Alarm systems can either be left off or you can give us entry/exit codes.

Do you offer any guarantees or warrantees?

We have an unconditional guarantee on all our labor for a period of 90 days. As for the materials used or supplied by you, the guarantee or warrantees of the manufacture prevail on those products, but our labor is still guaranteed for the 90 days. Should the materials fail due to manufacturing defects, we will work closely with you to repair the work at a reduced rate for the job.

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What are your rates?

Rates for our jobs vary due to the type of work being performed and the number of hours and materials needed. Depending on the scope of work, we can do it on an hourly or a contracted basis.
When the work is completed it is a very good idea to do a detailed walk thru and to point out any thing that may have been missed. The contractors are happy to correct missed items and it is far less costly for you and the contractor to have it done right the first time VS coming back to fix it later.